Allander Youth Activities Charitable Trust (Scotland only)

The Trust aims to support voluntary organisations in Scotland promoting the education and training of young people at a local level by providing small grants towards the cost of activities which extend their normal programme. These are usually in the region of £10 to £150 per head depending on the type of activity being undertaken. This would benefit groups which are voluntary organisations and who want to try out a new activity in addition to their normal programme.

Trustees meet three or four times a year to consider applications and may also approve more routine applications by email between meetings. Grant applications must be submitted by post using a current application form available from the website.

Applications should be submitted well in advance of your activity but not less than 4 weeks before the date on which you would wish your grant to be paid. Applications received late will not be considered.

The current guidelines on applying for a grant should be read before making an application. Please note that the Trust does not operate outside Scotland.

Scottish Charity Number SC 036882

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