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  • Closing Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2022
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The Agnes Hunter Trust supports registered charities delivering health and social welfare projects in Scotland.  The Trust’s grant policy now focuses on two key areas of funding support:

  • Charities that help disabled people.
  • Charities that assist with the education and training of disadvantaged people aged 16 years or over who have left school.

The Trust will invest in registered charities that deliver key services to these individuals in Scotland; removing barriers that restrict life choices and enabling people to lead fulfilling lives and contribute to society.

Such charities may assist specific groups of people, for example those living with learning disabilities, mental ill health, specific types of cancer, cerebral palsy, autism, visual or physical impairments. Disadvantaged people includes those whose life experiences or environment have so far denied them opportunities to develop the skills to support themselves and contribute positively to society.

The Trust now operates one Main Grants Programme (grants between £3,000 to £15,000 a year) and applications must be submitted online. The Main Grants Programme is open twice a year to eligible applicants. Please review the Restrictions page to ensure that you meet the Trust’s criteria.

The main grant programme is now open with a deadline for applications of 25 August 2022.

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