Nae Danger Game Facilitator Training - on ZOOM

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As part of the No Knives, Better Lives schools support programme 2020/21 we are offering a exciting new NKBL classroom-based interactive video game played on mobile phones that will stimulate discussion around knife carrying and being an active bystander.

This is free to partners who will locally facilitate group sessions with young people.

No Knives, Better Lives Interactive Game

The game is an interactive story where the classroom chooses the outcome and it is a powerful examination of the role of the bystander. The game follows the journey of a young man and prompts players to be part of his crucial decisions in relation to carrying a knife. The game was developed in collaboration with young people who have justice experience to ensure its authenticity.

In this choose your own adventure experience, the entire classroom would get to have their decisions heard. Each young person can play along with the adventure, using their mobile phone/laptop/PC to vote on decisions and choices within the story. The class can pause to discuss and debate what path to take, throughout the experience to help young people understand how to safely intervene in a situation where they know or suspect that someone they know is carrying a knife. It introduces our approach to being an active bystander. We want to encourage young people to be empowered to take action and to actively debate and challenge what actions to take in the situation described.

Our aim is that the young people participating in the game and workshop will be better able to consider risk, make reasoned decisions and take control.

Facilitators should already be working within schools to allow for COVID-19 restrictions. We are asking that each area deliver a minimum of 2 workshops before the end of March 2021, this can be 2 different schools, or different classes within the same school.


• The workshop are aimed at one class of young people aged S1-S3 (approximately 35 young people)

• The workshops will fit within a double period class timing and to allow time for facilitated discussion.

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