Digital games and youth work

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Do you use or want to use digital games in your youth work? Do you want to understand more about digital games and youth culture? Do you want to meet like-minded youth workers and learn from workshop leader Pasi Tuominen, who works at Verke, the Finnish centre of expertise for Digital Youth Work? 

This workshop is one of a series where we explore different types of digital youth work.  

Young people’s lives are increasingly digitalised in so many ways and youth workers have a role in helping young people navigate the digital aspects of their lives, but this isn’t something we are all automatically confident in.   

New technology also gives us lots of opportunities to enhance our youth work practice, to engage young people and their creativity and amplify their voices in different ways.  

Digital Games and Youth Work is being led by Pasi Tuominen. Pasi is responsible for Verke’s activities concerning digital games. As an enthusiastic gamer, Pasi tries to keep on top of gaming culture at all times. His mind also gets all warm and fuzzy with sci-fi, hi-fi and chilli. 

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