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These training materials have been developed as part of the ‘Digital Youth Work’ project, a strategic partnership between 7 organisations across Europe, to build the capacity of the youth work sector to deliver high quality youth work in a digital age. The project has been funded by Erasmus+.

They are based on training needs for practitioners identified by the EU expert group on digitalisation and youth's 2018 report.

The full collection includes materials from partners from Scotland, Ireland, Finland, Austria, Germany and Denmark. This can be found at

All the partners are experts in their fields and the resources address a broad range of approaches to youth work in the digital age, including media literacy, STEAM in youth work, online counselling, safety online, social media in youth work, innovation and strategic development.

YouthLink Scotland would like to thank Lauren Plüss, Claire Dunn, Dana Cohlmeyer Jupp and Liz Green for their work developing these materials.

What on Earth is Digital Youth Work?

This is a fun and engaging introductory workshop to get youth workers thinking about the role of digital in young people's lives. It helps us understand the broad definition of digital youth work.

It will explore ways to use digital to work towards youth work outcomes in practice. Youth workers will also get a chance to try out some different approaches to digital youth work. The resource comprises a workshop plan and associated handouts and resources.

Social Media: The Basics for Youth Work

This guide will look at what you need to know when it comes to social media platforms and using them in your youth work practice. The guide will encourage you to think about where social media fits within your work, as well as look at some specific examples and questions to ask when you come across a new social media network.

Ethics in Digital Youth Work

An exploration of professional boundaries and ethics in digital youth work. These facilitators notes and workshop plan explore major themes for discussion and address ethical challenges that arise in digital youth work. The document includes links to useful references for key ideas and further exploration.


Young People's Digital Rights

A session plan challenging practitioners to identify their role in recognising and realising children and young people's human rights in the digital world. It introduces the 5Rights framework and work being done to uphold children's rights. 

Organisational Self Assessment: Digitally Agile National Principles

This self-assessment tool is designed around Scotland’s Digitally Agile National Principles and can be adapted to support practical engagement with a range of guidelines, standards and principles. The purpose is to help organisations form an understanding of how they are performing against defined standards and generate realistic actions while engaging with principles or guidelines. 

Risk Assessment for Digital Youth Work

  • A template risk assessment for not delivering digital youth work to help mitigate the risks of avoiding or ignoring the digital world

This template is designed to get discussion going and should be adapted to your setting and organisational context.

Creative Commons Licence Training Materials for Digital Youth Work by YouthLink Scotland was developed in the project "Digitally Agile Youth Work" with funding from Erasmus+ and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Each section has its own licensing and attribution. Please consult these before utilising the CC licenses. The Good Practice Collection is not licensed under CC. 

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