About us

YouthLink Scotland is the national agency for youth work. We're a membership organisation representing more than 100 youth organisation members across Scotland, both voluntary and statutory.

We champion the value of the youth work sector, challenging government at national and local levels to invest in your development.

Our vision

A nation which values its young people and their contribution to society, where young people are supported to achieve their potential.

Our values

  • We believe in young people and are focused on their needs
  • We consult and represent our membership with integrity
  • We are ethical, equitable and non-discriminatory
  • We promote learning, innovation and forward thinking
  • We are committed to the highest standard of protection and safety for young people

Our mission

YouthLink Scotland strives to be the collective voice of the youth work sector. We represent the interests, policy and practice needs of the youth work sector to government and other stakeholders.

We achieve this by:

  • Supporting the sector to demonstrate the impact and value of your work
  • Promoting a positive image of young people and youth work
  • Helping the sector to identify new sources of sustainable funding and make effective use of existing resources
  • Representing the range of views and interests of the sector to all levels of government
  • Being key partners with government in workforce development
  • Encouraging more adults to volunteer or consider a career in youth work
  • Providing information and support to the youth work sector and other partners
  • Undertaking research that will contribute to a better understanding of the role of youth work and of the needs of young people in Scottish society
  • Campaigning for equality of access to youth work for all young people
  • Maintaining an independent approach to the prosecution of our mission

Our outcomes

  • All young people have access to high quality youth work
  • Scotland's ambition of its young people is supported by sustainable investment in youth work
  • A workforce that is confident, skilled, well led and effective
  • The positive role of youth work in achieving national outcomes and local priorities is reflected in policy and acknowledged by the people of Scotland and our partners
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